Kakapo Recovery

The history of the kakapo - A story of drama, despair and hope

A ground dwelling parrot that lived on the isolated land mass of New Zealand for thousands of years, the Kakapo evolved into one of the world's most remarkable birds.

But with human colonisation and the introduction of predators such as stoats, cats, rats and dogs, the species plummeted towards extinction. By 1995 there were only 50 known Kakapo surviving on a handful of small island sanctuaries.

Today, with a world population of 131 and a comprehensive Kakapo Recovery Programme underway the Kakapo is on its first tentative steps to recovery.


How does a donation help?

  • $100.00 buys disease screening for one bird
  • $250.00 buys a radio tracking aerial
  • $1000.00 buys a portable incubator
  • $1600.00 buys a radio-telemetry receiver

All donations go directly toward Kakapo Recovery - Thank you

How to donate to Kakapo recovery

There are several ways you can donate to Kakapo Recovery and no amount is too small!


Send a Cheque

You can mail a cheque to:             Kakapo Recovery

                                                         C/- PO BOX 743

                                                          Invercargill 9840

                                                          New Zealand


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